Automatic classification

Automatic classification is the automatic assignment of keywords from a controlled vocabulary to texts. In contrast to systems like Google, which extract most keywords from the texts themselves, automatic classification does not require the existence of these words in the texts. For example, a newspaper article about a new model of a certain brand of car does not necessarily have to contain the term ‘automotive industry’ . It is even very unlikely that the term will exist in the article. It may however be very important to assign the term to the article, because it will enable people looking for newspaper articles about the automotive industry to find all relevant articles with just one mouse-click. With the rapidly growing quantities of information on the internet it becomes more and more important to get the right information at the right moment and at the right place within seconds. Automatic classification systems can play a crucial role in it. Irion provides three standard classification products: Classify Server, Classify Interactive en IPTC Monk.


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