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It is increasingly common for organisations to use a classification system and for many organisations it is a standard tool that they depend on. However, not all classification systems are alike. Classify stands out from other systems with similar goals due to its use of natural language technology. The application understands language, which means you get better results every time. The program can even classify documents using keywords that are not in the texts. Classify is also unique in the speed with which it can classify documents. A monk can be built relatively quickly and classification then happens at the rate of a few thousand documents in a few minutes. Automatic classification is much more accurate than manual, or subjective, classification and it can save you an increasing amount of time each day – and prevent unnecessary stress and aggravation!


Any organisation with a large amount of documents will benefit by using Classify. It enables users of many media groups to search newspapers and other publications by category. Other organisations use Classify to route or filter information, or to send it directly to target groups and/or subscribers. Classify can also improve search facilities, within the organisation or directly for consumers. Classify is an indispensable part of every content management system!


Classify is neat and efficient, like a digital filing cabinet. Think of the way a filing cabinet works: it has a number of drawers with labels on them. Inside each drawer are labeled folders, and sometimes inside those folders are even more folders. Now imagine a digital version of this filing cabinet, only better: the filing system is multi-layered, so documents can be in several places at one time. And your staff does not have to worry about the dreaded task of filing anymore. Classify is automatic and saves you time and money. The classification software contains two main complementary program versions
The classification software contains two main complementary program versions. Classify Interactive is the program used for training, fine-tuning, and personalization of the system. First you use this software to create a digital agent, or monk, which is given a set of knowledge on a broad or specific subject. The monk organises and stores its knowledge using a thesaurus (classification scheme). You can use your own existing thesaurus tree or create one using the Classify program Classify Server s the background application that performs the actual automatic classification. The program adds classification tags to documents as they pass through the system, and can process thousands of documents in a few minutes’ time.
Of course, you can also choose to classify documents interactively and either modify classification results or make your own. Your classification suggestions are then used to improve the quality of that monk.


Fast, accurate classification

Make the best use of your expert staff

Classify’s digital agents, or monks, can classify in just minutes what would otherwise take human experts days, months, or even years to do! Human experts can be freed from this labour-intensive task and better focused on new knowledge tasks and other activities.

Capitalise on knowledge

Maximize the reach of your information

With Classify you can do more with the knowledge that already exists within your company. Classification results can easily be combined with your search or dialogue system, offering a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips

Natural language technology

Don’t settle for low quality classification

Most of the intelligence of Classify comes from the technology that understands language. This technology assures you that your documents are being properly classified – often, more accurately than they would be by a human being!


Broaden your classification range

Classify currently works with six languages – Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – offering you the convenience of storing different language documents in one database!

Works quickly

Get immediate results

Classify is a fast-working program, so you don’t have to wait for results. Documents are classified into the appropriate category automatically, almost as fast as they come in.

Consistent results

Minimize subjective classification

If we took the same stack of papers and gave them to five different people to classify, chances are that the results would be quite different. Deciding where things belong, in a human sense, is very subjective. The consistent results of Classify are reliable and your customers can always count on them… there is no need to worry about results differing from archivist to archivist.



Fine–tune classification to your own needS

Classify Interactive gives you the opportunity to intervene at any moment, with any document, to add or modify results. You can also change the settings to experiment with different results and choose the level that best suits your needs. The more knowledge you add, the smarter the system becomes.

Handle a broad scope of subject matters

Give every knowledge domain its own digital expert

There’s no limit to the number of digital agents you can create within one interactive application of Classify. The more monks you create, the more specific knowledge each will contain.


Open architecture and fully scalable

Build a new working system in just a few days!

Due to its open architecture, Classify integrates easily with most existing systems. No need for costly implementation projects.

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