Irion’s Knowledge Management Systems are a rich combination of semantic web technology and language technology. Knowledge can be fed to the system in different ways, for example by taking people’s CV’s, profile posts, business cases, etc. These pieces of information are linguistically analysed and stored in a semantic framework, for example in a semantic wiki. By using a combination of language technology and case based learning the system will automatically link relevant pieces of information to each other, and match them with user’s requests.

Expert Finder

To immediately find the right person in a large organisation is a recognizable and difficult problem for each organization. Almost nobody knows exactly which person has which expertise, certainly not the receptionist. Irion’s ExpertFinder can solve this problem. ExpertFinder learns about all the expertises in an organisation within just a few days, and will route users effortlessly to the right expert, both by telephone and via the Internet. 

Semantische Wiki's

Irion is increasingly combining its language technology with semantic web technology, in particular semantic wikis . This technology allows us to collect and label data with all kinds of metadata (author, publisher, date of issue, etc.). Data and metadata are required for the input of our language modules.

E-mail routing

Irion’s advanced e-mail routing system is based on trainable automatic classification. The product is developed in close cooperation with our partner DDI Document Software. After a short period of training with the daily mail streams, the system can be left alone to redirect thousands of mails to the right department or the right person. Irion’s e-mail routing system can also be applied to (scanned) daily paper mail.