To enable a rapid, efficient and high quality for our customers, Irion works together with several partners. Each of them have complementary services and products that combine smoothly with Irion’s core technology.

MOOI Informatiebeheer

MOOI Information Management is Irion's oldest partner. Irion collaborates with MOOI to develop applications that play a role in making society more sustainable. The best-known application is the semantic wiki Milieuhulp.

Lexis Nexis

LexisNexis is not only one of Irion's oldest customers, but also an important commercial partner in the hosting and servicing of classification and metadata solutions for the newspaper world, both in the Netherlands and far beyond. With LexisNexis, Irion built a service for the IPTC classification of Spanish and Italian newspapers, among other things. Work is currently underway on the first prototypes for Russian.


Morphis offers a customer process management platform that allows organizations to optimize the execution of their customer processes. This platform is called ProcessRunner. With this platform, employees can handle customer contacts and underlying processes easily and effectively. The ProcessRunner module includes Dialogue, which creates the so-called Self-service box, an interactive and transactional chatbot that can not only answer questions from users, but also handle processes.


MT7 (formerly Carp Technologies) is one of the first language technology companies in the Netherlands, with a certain focus on authoring systems, systems to help authors or editors with their daily work using language technology. The most well-known systems of Carp are the automatic summarizers and the anonymization software. Irion has been working with Carp Technologies for many years to create solutions that include automatic summarization.


RITHM is specialized in building community solutions. These are applications that work and gain their power in the creation and support of online communities, thereby supporting a high degree of self-organization. Irion has worked with RITHM for many years in the technical field of classification applications. RITHM and Irion have jointly built a search engine that combines the benefits of open source search technology with intelligent, linguistic search. This solution has been built and is hosted by Arbouw and Stichting Rioned, among others.


Telecats is naast Dutchear een partner in spraaktechnologie voor Irion. Met Telecats wordt met name samengewerkt in de realisatie van op spraakherkenning en spraakgeneratie gebaseerde dialoogsystemen.

Website Telecats
Cross Media

GW Crossmedia has long been Irion's permanent partner for almost all graphical user interfaces and specific interaction between user and system via the internet. GW Crossmedia built the first chatbots and underlying technology, as well as the surrounding management information systems, initially for Dutch municipalities, later increasingly also for other customers, such as Arbouw and

Website Cross Media

TNO is the largest research institute in the Netherlands and the second largest in Europe. TNO is not only one of the most important partners of Irion, but also co-founder and technological engine behind Irion. As a major shareholder of Irion, TNO provided Irion with the insights and technologies obtained during research in order to be able to make a quick start in the market. Irion developed the technologies into practically usable products, which are still used today in the solutions that Irion realizes for its customers.

Website TNO

Tremani is a specialized web portal builder, which focuses strongly on the best possible information access. Unlike 'yet another' website maker, Tremani itself develops intelligent algorithms for the retrieval of information. Together with Tremani, Irion built an intelligent portal for Bureau Taal, with which writers such as journalists and communication specialists can automatically measure the readability of their texts on the basis of the standard Texamen developed by Bureau Taal.

Website Tremani
Van Dale

Van Dale Lexicography is one of the most important and influential dictionary publishers in the Netherlands, and has been a partner of Irion from the very beginning. Van Dale's dictionaries are world famous and are widely regarded as the standard for the Dutch language. In 2000, Irion acquired the exclusive right to build and operate an extensive semantic network from Van Dale,

Website van Dale
DDi Document Software

Irion collaborates with DDi Document Software to create solutions based on workflow and knowledge management integration. Central to this approach are, on the one hand, solutions for scanning streets (for example, incoming mail) and solutions for automated customer support.

Website DDi