Irion is increasingly combining its language technology with semantic web technology, in particular semantic wikis . This technology allows us to collect and label data with all kinds of metadata (author, publisher, date of issue, etc.). Data and metadata are required for the input of our language modules.


A number of Irion customers use the semantic wiki to collect the data and metadata that feed the Irion applications. The results of the Irion disclosure are then shown again in the semantic wiki application, together with the data and metadata.
But there are also customers who use the application separately from the Irion applications, for example to build their website with it. They do this in order to be able to maintain the web pages directly and single-handedly, without a special administrator, without knowledge of HTML or other coding, from anywhere with an internet connection, by anyone who has an account.


The semantic wiki combines the old wiki writing technique of WikiPedia with new metadata options. In addition to writing a text, it can now be enriched with metadata. Forms are available to add both text and metadata. The user logs in, calls up a form, fills in the fields and saves the whole thing. Forms are developed tailored to the customer and for the type of information he or she wishes. For example, there can be a form for adding a location, organization, document, writer, etc. Labeling information with metadata makes it possible to put similar information together. This is done with so-called Ask functions. For example, all information provided with the label  Zutphen can land on the Zutphen page.


Better access

Gather similar information together

By providing information with identical labels, information related to the same subject can be presented together. This provides users with extremely valuable views through the file.

Quick Adjust

Modify at a moment's notice

With a semantic wiki, you no longer have to wait for your administrator to edit a text or metadata. You can do it yourself, and immediately. By logging in, going to the relevant page, calling up the form, making the adjustment and saving the result. A small adjustment will cost you a minute.

Inexpensive access

Save license costs!

Semantic Wiki is open source software. So you don't lose any license costs. The only thing you pay for is the one-time hours of Irion for adjusting the program to your wishes.

Writing together

Use the best expertise

The application is a wiki. This means that you can work on a document with several people according to the wiki concept. Writing the best story together, with the fewest falsehoods.

No coding

Write as usual

You don't need to know wiki codes for most writing operations. An editor with familiar icons is available, with which you can perform most layout operations, such as bold, italicized, underlined, etc. A writing protocol is available for special actions.

Tracking function

Stay informed automatically!

The wiki includes a tracking feature. By clicking on the Follow  tab, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as someone else has made an adjustment on the relevant page. This way you will automatically be kept informed of your favorite pages.

Forum galore!

Discuss in the right place

Each page has a Talk tab. Users have the option to start discussions here.